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The Shrink Off!

The Raptor/Hornet Shrink Wrap Heat Guns by Express versus Ripack & Shrinkit shrink wrap tools. 

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What's New

Our Distributor Portal

At Express we have well over a century of providing premium quality heating tools to distributors worldwide.  We offer factory direct pricing to wholesale distributors of our products.   

Soon we will add a distributor portal for wholesale buyers of Express brand Shrink Wrap Tools where you will find exclusive pricing and promotions.  Call now to find out just how competitive we are!

ShrinkFast and Ripack re-sellers receive special discounts!   

New Products - Technologically Advanced

Our product line continues to expand!  At Express, 112 years of experience gives us a unique perspective.  What started 7 years ago as a simple idea to make a safer roofing torch, the Raptor, has evolved into the Hornet, our newest  specialty line of Shrink Wrap tools.  Our patented,  unique, high performance products are unlike any others in the market - Check It Out!

 NOTICE -  These are not your mother's heat guns!  Express tools work at a higher gas pressure for higher heat outputs.  Check out our videos or call us and let us demonstrate  the advantages... 

Why Express

Stronger, Safer, Faster and Better... who could ask for more?  Oh, less expensive?  Yeah we do that too!  

Six tools in one - yes 6 different tools!  All of the burners are interchangeable.  Pick the burner (s) that are right for you.  Not sure?  Just call.  It's our job to help you MAKE MORE MONEY.  The right tool for the job is the key and we are here to help

Questions?  A wise man once said you don't believe what people say, you believe what people do.  Call us now and let us prove it!   888.628.6343

Our mission

112 Years and Growing!

At Guilbert Express, what some organizations refer to as "know-how" goes beyond simple technical background, and is enriched by what is called in French "savoir-etre", or an understanding of the best way to operate, a concept that could be defined as a set of attitudes which play a large part in the moral values of the organization in undertaking its business. Customer satisfaction, an absolute priority and we have created this site to better serve your needs.  World wide service, innovative products, premium quality and a family run business attitude...that is Express!  

The Only Revolution in Shrink Wrap Tools in Decades

For more than a century Express brand products have been used by numerous professionals operating in very varied activity sectors: 


All of this experience in these business areas has helped us think out of the box.  Starting with the Raptor heat gun in 2011, we have developed the all new Hornet tool, specifically designed for shrink wrapping projects.  This is the first new set of tools for the Shrink Wrap Industry since 1970 and our product line is still growing!

Why Mid-West Shrink ?

As the distribution arm of the Guilbert Express organization we can focus on one thing, what is best for you.  Our only mission is to bring you the best quality tools possible. Distributor inquiries invited.  

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